Quality Giving Management System

Quality Giving Management System - QGMS

To be able to make Inspiring Kindness into a sustainable effect, the media is relying on another developed system, Quality Giving Management System QGMS.  The Quality Giving Management System is a platform that helps agencies provide to those who have needs. QGMS utilizes the advances in online purchasing, including automation, convenience, improved costs, and shipping time, to provide resources to people using limited man power in a timely manner. QGMS also incorporates an innovative fundraising solution, allowing sustainability and revenue with each person helped. The system is also designed to be able to accommodate disaster relief and donations of personal items should a need arise for the technology. QGMS is designed to uphold the highest standards to safeguard all parties involved. 

Sustainability has always been a challenge when we combine emotional such as kindness with charity.

An important part to be able to both fund helps and utilize the emotional effect the media makes, it is developed a Gift Card For Giving (GFG).

Operator of QGMS and its agencies.

QGMS and Inspiring kindness is developed over several years by a former police lieutenant from Norway, with also many years as inventor, business consultant and developer.  The fully operating concept will be handled by an organization able to serve numerous of charitable organizations.  Even if the concept requires physical person to person interactions, the QGMS is built on online infrastructure, enabling making both national and international business expansion.  The success factor for its business is, the more children helped, the more funding to help more children. 

An important requirement to operate the QGMS is that the operator has routines for quality assure any agencies procedures how to identify unprivileged children.  The agencies will in this way also be the operator’s distributors network, not only to defined children but by buying GFG using their own assets or also distribute GFG through their own network, benefit from the profit generated in the GFG transactions.

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