“Every act of kindness creates a ripple effect with no logical end.”

Kindness is perhaps the most important tool we have to improve our society; however, making it sustainable is the greatest challenge.  Inspiring Kindness was developed to make a deliberate, intentional effect, by inspiring people to be kind.  Teaching is one way to make an impact, however, INSPIRING kindness can be much more effective for lasting change.  In order to be effective, acts of kindness need to be caught and recognized. 

After years of research, development & testing, in collaboration with Law enforcement, the Inspiring Kindness (IK) tool was 1st used by the non-profit, Family Giving Tree  In collaboration with East Palo Alto Police department, enabling the officers to catch and recognize acts of kindness. After further improvement of the methodology, Inspiring Kindness  was last year also successfully used by the non-profit Life Vest Inside in collaboration Clark County Sheriff's Office. In addition to being recognized for the act of kindness, each issued Kindness Citation also triggered a donation to a participating local charity. By clicking here, you will see how excited the Chief and more than 150 officers became when they experienced the effect of Inspiring Kindness.

As Inspiring Kindness is triggering pledged donations by catching people doing good, it is also enabling the ones caught to continue increasing the impact by honoring another person's good deeds.  This opportunity makes it possible to leverage the well-known Pay-It-Forward effect, adding a new donation to the one already pledged. 

The campaign was successful for the Sheriff's Department and for the non-profit organization. By clicking here you can read Sheriff Atkins recommendation and watch the news coverage of the event.  In addition, you may read some of the great stories of kindness on our website www.inspiring-kindness.org.

In the Bay Area, Inspiring Kindness's non-profit partner is the Family Giving Tree (FGT) who for the past 28 years has provided backpacks with grade-appropriate school supplies, and wished for holiday gifts, to more than 1.8 million needy children.

To read more on how IK works and how to get engaged, please see the following description:

How does Inspiring Kindness work?

Our vision of inspiring kindness combines many aspects. There are four key players:

-        Non profit organizations

-        Law Enforcement Officials

-        Charitable Companies

-        Methodology

-        Kind Doers

Step 1:

Law enforcement officials recognize and acknowledge good deeds being done by passing forward a “Catching Kindness” card that triggers a donation in honor of the Kind Doers good deed. This not only exercises the kindness eye muscle, it also promotes and encourages positive behavior. Law enforcement officials now have a new positive public perception; while serving to enforce the law, they are also distributing their own form of kindness citations.  

Step 2:

Good deeds performed by people trigger donations made by charitable companies to well deserving non profit organizations.

The Kind Doer has the option of maximizing their kindness, by digitally acknowledging someone in their circle for doing an act of kindness. By doing so, yet another donation is triggered to a worthy charity given by the charitable company responsible for the campaign.

Step 3:

When the digital acknowledgement is passed forward, Kind Doers can continue to pass it forward by acknowledging someone else, thereby triggering an additional donation to the organization. In addition, the Kind Doer is gifted a surprise from the charitable company; furthering the pay it forward methodology.

Want to maximize your company’s donation to a non-profit? Want to improve the public image of your law enforcement agency? Want to begin catching good and be rewarded for it? Then Inspiring Kindness is right up your alley!

If you are a participant to inspire to spread the effect of kindness, we will be happy to get you onboard – either as donor, charity, or law enforcement.


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