“Every act of kindness creates a ripple effect with no logical end.”

Kindness is perhaps the most important tool we have to improve our society. Life Vest Inside has dedicated itself to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.  

What’s going to change this world?  It’s not weapons. It’s not war. It’s powerful words of kindness. What we need most of all is to rediscover the faith in humanity we once had as children, we need to begin betting on one another. Our eyes are a muscle just like any other muscle. We must work it out to start seeing goodness in the world. The more more goodness and kindness we see, the more goodness and kindness are reflected back at us. Inspiring Kindness reinforces positive behavior and the importance of acknowledging it, and it's is a revolutionary way to maximize the impact of donations already earmarked for charities and Non-Profit-Organizations.

Life Vest Inside,is founded by Orly Wabe  6 years ago as  a non-profit on a mission to inspire, empower and educate people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness. You may be familiar with the short film, Kindness Boomerang, that went viral reaching well over 100 million people globally, landing also a spot for the founder of Life vest Inside, Orly Waba  on TED and launching what has come to be called the "Kindness Revolution". The organization has been featured on The Today Show, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg TV, Adweek, IBTimes, Parade Magazine amongst others.

LVI sets out to effect global change and reignite human connection through inspirational media, technology, education, and on the ground social engagement. While many organizations are established to tackle social issues including bullying, substance abuse, depression, crime, Life Vest Inside takes a proactive approach and prevents those issues from materializing. Through research and analysis, LVI understands that a lack of self value is the core root to a vast array of social issues plaguing society. At LVI, we help to build self-esteem in the belief that once people see the value within themselves, they will begin to see that value in others. This behavior becomes self-perpetuating, and spurs an “upward spiral” of kindness.It’s in this light that we now after several years of research, field testing and development make the media Inspiring Kindness available for the one caught in act of kindness, the law enforcement that can visualizing people's act of kindness andthe charities, Non-profit and their donors that can participate to make the kindness revolution sustainable.   .

Why are we focusing on law enforcement as a means to bring about change?

Law enforcement officials in the purest sense are members of a community who risk their lives for the well being and upkeep of a community. They are seen as an authority figure. As such, an authority figure must possess both honesty and integrity if they are to be successful and efficient.

Through Inspiring Kindness we aim to reinstate these two pillars of honesty and integrity by creating an atmosphere of respect, love and kindness through personal and public acknowledgement. With the Inspiring Kindness system in place, there will be both an unspoken and spoken understanding that both the community members and law enforcement officials are on the same team, with the same goals and same objectives. To build a kinder, safer, happier community. One in which both feel appreciated, safeguarded and acknowledged.

Life Vest Inside has a proven track record of success in its ability to not only inspire kindness but to spread kindness far and wide amongst people of all backgrounds, races, religions and ethnicities. We aim to take our track record of success to an entirely new level; one in which the result can be measurable instantaneously within each community.

Inspiring Kindness takes the concept of the Kindness Boomerang film into a real life setting, creating a ripple effect that can go and on.

How does Inspiring Kindness work?

Our vision of inspiring kindness combines many aspects. There are four key players:

-        Non profit organizations

-        Law Enforcement Officials

-        Charitable Companies

-        Kind Doers

Step 1:

Law enforcement officials recognize and acknowledge good deeds being done by passing forward a “Catching Kindness” card that triggers a donation in honor of the Kind Doers good deed. This not only exercises the kindness eye muscle, it also promotes and encourages positive behavior. Law enforcement officials now have a new positive public perception; while serving to enforce the law, they are also distributing their own form of kindness citations.  

Step 2:

Good deeds performed by people trigger donations made by charitable companies to well deserving non profit organizations.

The Kind Doer has the option of maximizing their kindness, by digitally acknowledging someone in their circle for doing an act of kindness. By doing so, yet another donation is triggered to a worthy charity given by the charitable company responsible for the campaign.

Step 3:

When the digital acknowledgement is passed forward, Kind Doers can continue to pass it forward by acknowledging someone else, thereby triggering an additional donation to the organization. In addition, the Kind Doer is gifted a surprise from the charitable company; furthering the pay it forward methodology.

Want to maximize your company’s donation to a non-profit? Want to improve the public image of your law enforcement agency? Want to begin catching good and be rewarded for it? Then Inspiring Kindness is right up your alley!

If you are a participant to inspire to spread the effect of kindness, we will be happy to get you onboard – either as donor, charity, or law enforcement.


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