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To inspire kindness requires a high grade of integrity. The better you are able to safeguard integrity; the higher credibility you'll have for all involved; and your customers. As we will show in a demo, Inspiring Kindness creates a display surface that focuses on what we represent - honesty and trust.  We think that honesty is the best platform for communication, and have worked hard to create a display that safeguards the integrity of all parties involved - including law enforcement.

 Campaign structure

When a charitable company (CC) defines a charity they want to support, we facilitate the contact between the charity and their local law enforcement. The card issued for the campaign will be used by the law enforcement and will have the chosen charity organization logo and an ID identifying the company as the CC and the charity chosen as the Drive Leader Charity- DLC. The system in Inspiring Kindness, will monitor all those caught doing acts of kindness, and issue a statement to the CC of all catches and donations associated with them. Inspiring Kindness will serve as the matchmaker between the CC and the DLC.

By participating in a campaign, the donor will also be able to take part in the Pay-It-Forward effect the media creates.  By initiate a donation to a charity, all caught ones in the media will through the medias's unique Pay-It-Forward solution, enabling them to take part in an extension of donation.  This extended donations will also for some charitable companies selling goods, be used to purchase the charitable company's goods, cover for needy people needs..  Learn more go to methodology.

Cooperation between the Do-Gooder – Law Enforcement -- Donors

Inspiring Kindness will act as a liaison between all parties who want to participate in a given campaign. Please let us know how we can help you facilitate a campaign. Learn more about Drive Leader Charities - DLC Law Enforcement. 

 The ripple effect – more kindness – more donations – more business

Our honest, positive platform benefits all those involved. Law enforcement will be seen by society in a positive light, the CC will be associated with fostering acts of kindness and generosity, and the charities’ involved will obtain the funds to fulfill their mission. With all those involved benefiting this leads to greater opportunity for more business, more donations, and more kindness to be had.

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