Ripple effect of kindness by making a detour of donations.

Kindness is perhaps the most important tool we have to improve our society. Life Vest Inside has dedicated itself to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.  

As  Life Vest Inside has achived so many successful missions to spread selflessness and kindness (read more at "About") and it has now motivated us to find new ways to expand our efforts to inspire to kindness. 

Participation in the ripple effect 

We want to invite all charities through LVI's Inspiring Kindness to offer their donors a “detour” of their donations. Instead of donors just giving money, they now can participate in inspiring kindness by making a detour of their donations. Any good deed caught either by the law enforcement, or by someone using the “pay-it-forward” solution will trigger the donation.  Based on the number of catches that the law enforcement make (number of issued recognition cards), each catch will trigger a donation until the number caught is equal to the donation amount the donor has committed to give. Any transactions of donation will still go between your donor and your organization. LVI will with Inspiring Kindness simply facilitating the ripple effects of kindness.

Give a complementary effect in return to your donors.

To inspire kindness requires a high grade of integrity. The better you are able to safeguard the integrity of your organization; the higher credibility you'll have. As we will show in a demo, Inspiring Kindness (go to methodology)creates a display surface that focuses on what we represent - honesty and trust.  We think that honestly is the best platform for communication, and have worked hard to create a display that safeguards the integrity of all parties involved - including law enforcement. 

Campaign structure

When a donor and participating law enforcement is defined, the charity will be the owner of the campaign. The card issued will be used by the law enforcement, will have your organization logo, and an ID that only belongs to your donor and organization. LVI will with Inspiring Kindness monitor all those caught, and process transactions from your donor to you. We will also at your discretion, implement any mutually agreed communication or display from your donor.

Cooperation with the actors – law enforcement - donors

With our acceptance from the law enforcement, we would like to act as the liaison between all parties who want to participate in a campaign.  Please let us know how we can help you to facilitate a campaign. Know more about law enforcement – go to law enforcement

The ripple effect circle – more kindness – more donations – more business

The effect created by our honest, positive reinforcing platform benefits everyone involved. By spreading kindness the way we are facilitating, all parties benefit. The law enforcement has a positive public view, the donor is displayed to those spreading kindness in a positive light, and the charities’ mission can be displayed. All benefits reinforce each other, with the opportunity for more business, more donations, and more kindness to be had.

For inquiries – please use the contact space you will find on this web-page. Looking forward to having you join in our mission.


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