Ripple effect of kindness by making a detour of your donations.

How can we make the ripple effect of kindness extend your donation? Let Inspiring Kindness show you how catching and recognizing act of kindness can transform simple actions that can extend donations to great lengths. 

Participation in the ripple effect. 

Any good deed caught either by the law enforcement, or by someone using the “pay-it-forward” method will trigger a donation. Based on the amount designated to a campaign, a certain number of issued Kindness Citations will be created. Officers will catch people until all available citations are completed. Upon opening their gift/donation connected to their citation, those caught by the officers will be given the opportunity to pay forward a gift in their name - and recognize someone who has also done good and pass the same opportunity to them. Studies have shown that people are more willing to participate when a person has an ability to take part in an act of kindness where the gift/money dedicated has already been paid for. This approach leads Pay-It-forward to become online, and through administrative solutions help attract attention and resources to your organization.

Give a complementary effect in return to your donors.

Inspiring kindness requires a great deal of integrity. The better you are able to safeguard the integrity of your organization, the higher credibility you'll have. As we will show in a demo, Inspiring Kindness' Pay-It-Forward methodology also creates a solution for creating a display surface for donors who also share high integrity. We think that honesty is the best platform for communication, and have worked hard to create a display that safeguards the integrity of all parties involved.

Campaign structure

Campaigns involve several parties working together to accomplish their mission. Therefore, it is vital that an organization is able to connect with local law enforcement for their participation, and also for their donors willingness to use their pledged donation (either money or items) in an Inspiring Kindness campaign. When a donor and participating law enforcement are committed, the organization will become the owner of the campaign. The Kindness Citation used by law enforcement, will have your organization logo, and an ID that only belongs to your donor and organization. Inspiring Kindness will help logistically, and also monitor all those caught to process transactions from your donor to you through the campaign. We will also at your discretion, implement any mutually agreed communication or display from your donor.

Cooperation with the actors – law enforcement - donors

With our acceptance from the law enforcement, we would like to act as the liaison between all parties who want to participate in a campaign.  Please let us know how we can help you to facilitate a campaign! Know more about law enforcement – go to law enforcement

The ripple effect circle – more kindness – more donations – more business

The effect created by our honest, positive reinforcing platform benefits everyone involved. Law enforcement has a positive public view, the donor is displayed to those spreading kindness in a positive light, and the charities’ mission can be displayed. All benefits reinforce each other, with the opportunity for more business, more donations, and more kindness to be had.

For inquiries – please use the contact space on this page. Looking forward to having you join us in our mission.


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