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Kindness is perhaps the most important tool we have to improve our society.

To optimize the effect on a person's kindness, Inspiring Kindness's methodology has based its principal backbone on one common theme, integrity. The sender of our message therefore needs to have a high grade of integrity to effectively convey the message of kindness, and to provoke the best actions from people. We see the greatest opportunity for impact is to involve law enforcement. When an officer has caught and recognized someone performing an act of kindness, the public will be given a display of the kindness performed, and at the same time reinforce the positive behavior of the person who performed the action. In addition to the initial recognition of the person doing good, a donation to charities who spread kindness will also be initialized. Beyond that, all parties involved will be further recognized, and continue to influence the positive behavior of everyday people. Know more about charities: go to charities.

Last year’s implementation of Inspiring Kindness by Clark County Sheriff Office, in conjunction with the organization Life Vest Inside’s kindness campaign in Vancouver, WA, showed the how kindness had impact on the ones caught and for the officers as well. Click here to read Clack County Sheriff’s Chuck Atkins recommendation and click here to see the news spot.

As you will see from the recommendation from sheriff Atkins, the initial effect showed to meet law enforcement requirement on all levels. In this perspective, it’s important to notice that the experiences from the officer’s catch is solely positive and without taking the attention away from the other important task, enforcing the law. The Kindness Citation is facilitated the way that it’s not a tool to brand either organizations or business – only to focus at the simple fact that an act of kindness is recognized and that it will trigger another act of kindness, a donation to a nonprofit organization. For some campaigns, the officers will also receive a dedicated card such as a description to whom the triggered donation will help (ex a needy child, named (first Name) and age). As Inspiring Kindness improves the relationship between law enforcement and the community, all campaigns will endeavor to engage the Police department's local nonprofit organizations who meet law enforcement's requirements to ethical standards. Know more about methodology – go to methodology

Anyone that wants to be part of this, or to support a specific charity, please contact us by using the contact space below.

Officers Guideline cards for issuing Kindness Citation. 



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