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Law enforcement is the tool society has established securing that we all take responsibility for each other and our environment.  As we all know, violating it, could also make consequences by punishment.  However, to know what is wrong, does in many ways also make an awareness of what is right.  Inspiring Kindness is the tool the law enforcement now is using, enabling them to catch, recognizing and rewarding people for what we all will agree is right – kindness.  As the opposite of doing wrong will have to have a positive consequence, an act of kindness will be rewarded.  However, as doing good always is in regard others, the reward has the same approach, a Gift Card For Giving. By redeeming it, it will enable the rewarded one to online pick and give a gift to a defined unprivileged child which someone else has paid for (Paid-it-forward). 

Scam is a major threat to any providing of aid, also unfortunately among NPO. Law Enforcement's  local knowledge to define charities that keeps high moral standard will also help the operator of the system to obtain the high requirements in the definition process, who of the children considered being unprivileged.

To be able to conduct an Inspiring Kindness campaign, the law enforcement department will need Kindness Citations (where the reward part is a GFG).  This means that all Kindness Citations will need to be funded.  To be able for QGMS able to keep a continuous availability for Kindness Citation’s, all campaign generated in QGMS will have a percentage of the campaign earmarked for Kindness Citations.  The fund for Kindness Citation will percentage balance towards totally bought GFGs administrated by the local agency.

Some campaign will also be initiated with sponsors that will fund Kindness Citation through the local agencies.  The Law enforcement will get an opportunity to make catches in the extent they may be able to handle it. If the campaign will extend the number the local law enforcement department will be able to issue, the rest of the campaign will be made available to be used by the agency. 

In the campaign Law Enforcement officers will be encouraged to take selfies and write stories about their catches which will, in the extent approved by the receiver of a GFG, be published on IK front page and other websites approved by the law enforcement department.

Anyone that wants to be part of this, or to support a specific charity, please contact us by using the contact space below.

Officers Guideline cards for issuing Kindness Citation. 



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