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Kindness is perhaps the most important tool we have to improve our society. Even though it is recognized as such, it seems to be difficult to make it a habit in everyday life. Inspiring Kindness! has been developed with the perspective to put words into action, and inspire people to perform random act of kindness.

The effectiveness to be inspired by kindness comes down to two main influences; authority figures who we look up to, and the honesty of the person that makes the inspiration. To optimize the effect, our methodology relies on law enforcement, who possess both integrity and honesty, and stands as an authority figure. Our methodology also includes personal and public acknowledgement to reinforce habits towards daily acts of kindness.

Life Vest Inside has proven their ability to make a ripple effect in spreading kindness. Their logistics has involved many people that have been inspired to kindness. Inspiring Kindness! methodology has the same way of make interactions between people, but starts by recognizing and visually displaying the good deed that has been done, backed up by a donation triggered from the action. An additional approach is the inclusion of law enforcement, who now have the option to give kindness citations, along with serving to enforce the law. This "citation" reinforces the positive behavior, and give law enforcement a new public perception. Law enforcement participation also triggers a donation to those spreading kindness - some of the many charities and non-profit organizations. Know more about charities – go to charities.

Law enforcement. 

We want to give law enforcement a tool to inspire people towards kindness. Their actions will reinforce positive behavior by recognizing positive actions. At the same time, they will also be helping trigger a donation towards a charity. They will also keep their integrity by not involving commercial interests, and increasing public opinion by interacting with the community in a positive manner. Inspiring Kindness! also makes an extraordinary effect to keep out of popular society issues such as race, religion, culture or politics – Inspiring Kindness is all about what we do and not who we are. Know more about law enforcement – go to law enforcement.

The Guideline card for law enforcement.





How it works?

To optimize the effect on individuals, all interactions within Inspiring Kindness! starts on the spot between a police officer and a person the officer identifies for a random act of kindness. 

  • Any action considered by the officer to have benefited one or many people can be caught and recognized. 
  • The recognition is done with a card (“kindness citation”), where the caught one is informed that his action has triggered a donation, and how to proceed to comply with it.
  • The front page of the website will display stories of other “good one’s” through videos and text.
  • When starting the exploring procedure, the caught one's good attitude will one more time be acknowledged. 

“Kindness citation”:




As long as the entire process is designed to safeguard integrity, the communication will be facilitated to fit to the individual partner's needs. A standard part of the procedure is: 

  • Encourage the caught ones to pay forward their good deed to another person. 
  • Causing an additional donation to the charity. 

Structuring it this way will cause the charity and donors to spread their mission, and give attention to more people with positive attitudes.
When paid the reward is forwarded, the new good-doer will be guided to a new site where the donor is given an opportunity to display giveaways and promotions that do not conflict with the integrity of any involved parties. Read more about Charities -  go to charities.


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