Gift Card For Giving

Gift Card For Giving.

In different from a regular gift card, Gift Card For Giving,  GFG, gives several different options of communication.  The card is therefore in written text and lay out, made in line with the intention of the card, give the buyer and the receiver an emotional experience by using the card. The GFG can be used to reward and acknowledge an employee, to given to the GFG to employees with intention training their eye muscle catching and acknowledge acts of kindness.  One of the most impactful GFG will be then the GFG is part of a Kindness Citation enabling the law enforcement to catch, rewarding and recognizing kindness.  Summing up, the GFG can be used many different ways and will comply to many different potential partners’ needs, but as a common effect for all, the more effect it makes in catching kindness to more concrete help it makes for defined unprivileged children. The whole idea with the GFG the more people buying it and pay it forward the more children helped.

The GFG’s for transaction that will be carried out of QGMS, enabling recurrent revenue for the operator of the media as it will for the operator’s network. This leads in the next step to that both operator and agencies can expand parallel with the number of children helped.

General purchasing of GFG

As long as the agencies will apply for needs to unprivileged children, the QGMS will provide GFG available for purchasing both in hard copy but also online.  The online version, however, will have attached a solution where the buyer when he will give it to someone, will have to tell a short story why he/she want to reward and recognize the person.  In this way any person recognized for his/her kindness will be possible to visualize.


Any type of business can purchase GFG and will benefit from all the effects it provides.  If you by reading this info want to buy GFG we will be happy to help you by clicking here..

Option 1

GFG is a very well fit product (product=produce effect) for businesses. The business will by buying GFGs get several effects out of same product. First of all, the business can recognize, and reward employees and partners consider showing kindness, enabling them to both helping a defined unprivileged child and then do another act of kindness; buy another GFG to be given to someone he/she want to recognize and also helping another child.  By buying the GFGs, the business will also be able to display the receiver’s good stories on their own web-side building their reputation.

Option 2

Another way to use GFGs is that that business will give the GFG to their employees with the intention that they will find someone to recognize.  For the business this will get the same option as option 1, with display opportunities etc.  The difference is however, that that the employees’ eye-muscle will be trained to see other people in their kindness.

Option 3

The business will as a drive leader, also be able to offer the employees to buy a card that they in the next step, will give to someone they want to joy (can be done in conjunction with annual event such as Thank Giving’s, Christmas etc.).  The logistics with the card in this last option will be that the one wants to buy it will have to activate it online

Agency’s sponsors

It’s well known that any NPO always will try to get funding for their operation. The competition of sponsor's money is hard, but it’s very often very limited what to give in return, except for a logo on the agency’s website.  GFG is the perfect match for any agency that want to offer something in return for their sponsors’ donation. Instead of just giving money to contribution, they may now buy GFG from the agency, enabling the sponsor to get the effect as described under the business paragraph and the agency to help more children, potential double individual donation through the Pay-It-Forward solution and get revenue from the flow of GFG connected to the agency.

Any interest to buy GFG we will be happy to help, just click here..

GFG available for all..

GFG will be available to buy on all related web-pages and in the extent Law Enforcement want, even available on their sites as option to fund a Kindness Citation (buying GFG). Other potential sale areas will be retail businesses where sale also could trigger commission to the ones’ distributing it.  All sale issues especially when it comes to hard copy will carefully have to be incorporated into logistics that can be monitored in the sale process and see to that children needs will be served in the same order they’ve been received. 

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